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A footballer’s main job description is a professional sportsperson, who plays an extreme sport that involves high impact tackling, running and kicking. That is the reason that professional footballers need income protection insurance; they have a profession in an accident-prone field.

What Should Footballers Know About Income Protection Insurance? 

Income Protection Insurance is financial security given to you in the unfortunate circumstance that you become unwell or injured and can no longer work. As well as providing an income while unfit to work, Income Protection Insurance also provides monthly benefits, is simple to claim and payment periods are flexible. The cover is twenty-four hours and is to age 65. 

Income Protection Insurance covers up to 75% of a person’s income until you are fit to return to work. There are many different Insurance companies and after getting a few quotes, you will find the one that suits your particular needs. 

When Would a Footballer Make an Income Protection Claim?

To get all the benefits of income protection insurance, it would be strongly advised to make a claim as soon as you get a job as a professional sportsperson. There is no point waiting until you are unwell or injured to inquire about income protection insurance because, unfortunately, you will not be eligible for cover. 

If, however, you start your monthly payments as soon as you begin your job, you can rest easy, knowing your income is in fact protected, and your livelihood is not going to be compromised if there is an unwanted short-term cessation of employment. 

Why Should Footballers Get Income Protection Insurance?

The number one reason for getting income protection insurance is to have financial security. It becomes even more important to be covered when the job is considered dangerous or if there are health risks involved. The occupation of a professional footballer is considered dangerous as workers may be exposed to high-impact tackles that injure the human body. Working on the football pitch can be extremely dangerous and very strenuous physical labour. There is a lot of travelling involved, and at times, workers will be exposed to very loud sounds from crowds. These are all reasons to highly recommend getting Income Protection Insurance for better working life.

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