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Some occupations put a worker at risk more than others. In 2019 alone, there were 171 fatal workplace injuries in Australia. Most of those fatal injuries happened to people working in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries, which have long been at the heart of Australia’s most dangerous jobs. Of course, there are other industries that pose a risk to everyday Aussies, even ones that may seem perfectly safe. 

 Well, never fear friends! Let me tell you about the wonders of income protection insurance.

So you broke both your arms at work or got burned and now you can’t work, as long as you hand over the proof that this all happened, there is no need for panic because you can still get paid. 

There are loads of different insurance packages offered to people with high-risk occupations.  The only issue with choosing insurance packages is the cost.  Whether you want to continue your fearless jobs, there will be a package to suit your needs.

Why Do High-Risk Workers Need Insurance?

Workers in high-risk occupations, more often than not, have so many potential dangers exposed. Injuries usually include cuts and fractures, spinal and muscle injuries, falls from heights, or being hit by falling debris or objects. Objects falling from buildings, factories, and other workplaces cause serious injuries and fatalities each year.

If you are ill or get injured to the point that you cannot work, income protection insurance pays a monthly benefit. Common income protection policies:

  • Pay a monthly benefit to complement your wage, most of the time up to 75% of your income.
  • Allow you to pay for living expenses, debts and necessities while you’re out of work.
  • Can cover you for injuries and illnesses while you’re at work or off duty.

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