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Don’t ride past income protection. 

Motorbike delivery riders and professional sports motocross riders know that if they’re unable to ride – then they’re unable to get a payslip. 

As much as you don’t want to think about it, getting injured means getting off your bike, and getting off the road. 

Thankfully with income protection, you don’t have to worry about what you and your family would do if anything was to keep you from riding. 

Income protection insurance for motorbike riders offers financial peace of mind if anything was to happen. Basically, think of income protection insurance the same way as you think of insurance on your bike or personal car. 

With income protection insurance, you: 

  1. Protect 75% of your taxable income if you are unable to ride a bike due to injury or illness. For example, if your usual taxable income is $2000 – you can claim up to $1500 back on income protection insurance.  
  1. Adjust the premium by adjusting the waiting period of your insurance. Again, this works similarly to other insurable assets.  The higher the waiting period – or higher the excess – means the lower the premium. 
  1. Have a waiting period of usually 14 days to 2 years; however, most average 30 days. 

Like you, we hope you’ll never make a major claim on your insurance. But we do know what can seem like a small injury –a sprained ankle or a broken wrist – could put you out of work, and money, for a few weeks.

A more serious injury could take even longer. Income protection insurance will cover you: 

  • Under the care of a registered doctor or practitioner  –  in a hospital or any other care facility. 
  • If you’re unable to perform the basic duties of your employment due to illness.
  • Not riding, whether this is remunerated or not. 

 No one plans on having an accident. These things happen to the most experienced of riders and the most cautious of people. Because of this, Income protection is even more important. It offers:  

  • Realistic premiums for any riders, truck drivers – city too long haul semi-trailers. 
  • Straightforward advice on the best policy for each situation, and most importantly: 
  • The knowledge of whoever and whatever situation you are in, safety and protection of your income. 

Don’t leave your and your family’s future up to fate. Grab the wheel and take control of your income protection.

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