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Stable employment is a main priority for the majority of people. We need our work income to pay bills and put food on the table. In other words, most of us rely on our work income to survive. If there is an injury or redundancy, a person’s lifestyle can be drastically affected. 

What Police Officers Should Know About Income Protection Insurance

Police officers work with firearms and are exposed to challenging situations, making the prospect of unemployment due to injury, more of an issue than it is for those in non-violent work environments.

Income Protection Insurance provides:

  • Peace of mind.
  • Mortgage repayments, power, internet and food bills are taken care of.
  • The stress of being out of work is minimized.
  • Money is paid during time off work for rehabilitation after an accident or injury.
  • Unexpected expenses that may arise while out of work can also be covered with Income Protection Insurance.

When would a police officer make an income protection claim?

A claim can be made when an injury, caused on the job, stops you from working. Funds from the insurance cover bills that need paying during any convalescence. A claim can also be made if you become “surplice to requirements” and are laid off. Police officers are prone to more stress in their job today than ever before. If time off work without pay is needed because of stress, you can also make an Income Protection Insurance claim.

Why should police officers get income protection insurance?

Self-esteem is an important issue not generally taken into consideration. With funds coming from Income Protection Insurance, the loss of work has a reduced effect on your self-esteem. It creates a cushion while you attempt to put your life back on track and are re-employed.

The other point to note is that you have the freedom to spend the money any way you want. If you wish to pay off the mortgage faster or fund a holiday, it’s your choice. If you need a new car or a new appliance, it’s your choice.

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