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Income Protection Insurance for Veterinary Surgeons

Working as a veterinary surgeon is a rewarding job. However, it can also be a risky job. Workplace accidents happen, things can go wrong during the surgery, and animals can act unexpectedly. When injuries do occur, having income protection insurance ensures you are still able to carry on financially while recovering. What Veterinary Surgeons should […]

Income Protection Insurance for Tradies

Money makes the world go round, right?! For all professionals, particularly for tradies, income protection insurance will cover you in the unfortunate situation that you fall ill or become injured. No one wants to be put in a position where they have to struggle to make ends meet. What Tradesmen should know about Income Protection […]

Income Protection Insurance for Extreme Sports

Extreme sports can be very exciting to many people who seek adventure throughout their lifetime. However, with extreme sports, the probability of physical danger is also extremely high. Such sports carry with them an increased chance of serious injury or even death as a result. Indeed, it has a great effect on a person’s work […]

Income Protection Insurance for Lawyers & Solicitors

Income protection insurance, as its name suggests, is a way of guaranteeing your income when you are unable to earn it. Like any insurance, it’s the sort of claim you hope you’ll never have to make, but in an emergency, wouldn’t it be great to have one less thing to worry about?  What Lawyers should […]

Income Protection Insurance For Barristers

You work several hours a day, pouring out blood, sweat and tears. But it’s all worth it when you take a moment to glance at satisfied clients, knowing that their smile came from legal advice you personally have given. Nobody expects to get sick or meet accidents but they can strike suddenly anytime and anywhere. […]

Key Facts Necessary For An Interpreter to Know About Income


Protection Insurance Policy Nobody expects to experience an interruption in their income flow suddenly, due to an unfortunate accident or illness. However, this is something unavoidable. An Income Protection Insurance (IPI) covers a substantial percentage of the gross income so that there is no difficulty in meeting the day-to-day expenses during such a period.   Key […]

Income Protection Insurance for Self-Employed

No one ever wishes to fall sick or be incapacitated in a way that makes working and earning any form of income impossible. The truth, however, is that several people find themselves in such situations today. How would you cope if you couldn’t work? Income protection insurance is your best bet, especially if you’re self-employed […]

Income Protection Insurance for Company Directors

Just like anyone else, you, as a company director, need income protection insurance. The claim for company directors depends on the extremity of illness or accident. You could take the risk of not receiving your salary for a few months to a few years once you are insured. What Risks Do Company Directors Face? Unlike […]

Income Protection Insurance for Professional Uber Drivers

These days, income protection insurance has become essential for just about every profession, and being an Uber driver is no different. But what exactly is a professional driver? You might automatically think of racing drivers, but anyone who drives for an occupation is considered a professional driver – from taxi drivers to train drivers. What […]

Income Protection Insurance for Firefighters

Have you ever woken up one morning and thought “well gosh darn it, I can’t make it to set today.  How will I get paid even though I physically can’t work?” Well, never fear friends! Let me tell you about the wonders of income protection insurance. So you broke both your arms, you got a […]